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Mobile Auto Glass RepairWindshield Replacement, Car Window Repair Dallas, TX is a one stop shop for all  your needs.

Welcome to Glass Genie. We are Mobile Auto Glass Repair DallasWindshield Replacement experts. You don’t have to come to us. We will come to you anywhere in the DFW area. Just call us from your phone about your broken part. We bring the right parts, equipment and fix your broken glass on the spot. Contact us for all your needs in TX. We can help you no matter what time of day it is or where your vehicle is present.


You and your family’s safety is our first priority. So call us today to get your broken part fixed. Our team comes to you when or where you need. Our service specialists confirm you about what you need to do. They suggest you with the best opinion whether to replace your or repair.

Your window is vulnerable to wear, similar to the other components of your vehicle. As soon as the amount of wear increases especially in the case of power windows, you need to replace immediately. You can find us by searching for installers near me. Our decades of effort has raised the safety level of automobile industry in Texas.

In case your vehicle’s side window gets damaged it needs to be quickly solve. The make of side window is precise that even a minor chip crack requires change. We change all kinds of glass including vents and quarter. Along with that side, front and rear for the majority of the models and make for vehicles available in United States. At our shop one can definitely rest assure that we don’t just change your damaged components.

Glass Genie is a name in which you can depend on when it comes to your vehicle’s part needs. As we are able to get the cheap windshield and be able to install it for you. We have brand new components following the procedures recommended by The Auto Glass Reviews Safety Council.

windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair

Low Price Windshield Replacement Service available for you

We can give you proper quote for your vehicle, so it is less burden on your pocket. To get cheap quote please visit our website or contact us.

Our team suggests you the best option available for your vehicle, solutions for crack or emergency door. Glass Genie Dallas resolves all the problems very easily.

The cost of changing the front windshield is very different as it depends on your vehicle’s model and make. Nowadays companies special adhesive for fixing in vehicles. If you concern with the cost of the service, do not let the cost stop you. The damage can increase which can lead to the safety of the passengers travelling inside the vehicle. Cost for chip solution is less than what it takes to.

Glass Genie experts has the most advanced tools available all the time to save your money. We do at any place in DFW, to avail this service just contact us for free quote.

Genuine Glass Parts

An OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is best for safety and to match the model of your vehicle. Your visibility matters on the road. Our service specialist travel to your place be it home or office. You can rest easy without any worry and get it fixed. There is some difference between OEM and OEE parts.

Crack and chip are quick to fix, definitely cost efficient and saves time. Knowing when to change your parts can save your time and always place you in a safer situation. Our experts are proud to give you a detailed inspect of components to make sure safety after replacing it. It is then slowly taken off with no damage to the paint and bonding surface.


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Quality of Our Glass Products

The glass we use have a quality. It meets the high quality and certified by best companies. The windshield has several things linking to the rest of the components used in your vehicle. To understand this difference is very important for each and every owner. Alongside absorbing the force of deployed air bags looking after passengers within the vehicle.

Laminated windshields do also gives strength to a vehicle’s roof. it prevents the roof from buckling and crashing down upon passengers completely throughout rollover. Without worrying about the firmness and ability of laminated part, many roofs would produce greater risks to passengers in specific forms of accidents.

How much it is going to cost and where to get it done for cheap in Texas is the question in your mind. If you are not so sure simply contact us to talk about your issue. We give a quick quote. We are available for 24 hour at our shop only for you.

For quick quote call us today to get an awesome discounts. No matter what you opt, Glass Genie can consult with you to choose for your vehicle. Use our cost estimator to get started.


Glass Genie works with all major insurance companies, handling the insurance filing for you. We recommend to contact your local agent to verify coverage before having the problem fixed. We buy straight from the manufacturers. As we want to be rest assured that every part we install is of the same quality as the original.

windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair

How to make a Smart Choice?

We always advice our clients to consider replacement is benefiting for long-term. If you want to get fixed by our trained technician, we can help you in that as well. We can offer a temporary solution for small chip like the size less than a penny. To know the rock chip repair cost, contact us.

The crack within your field of vision is very annoying. However it is still unsafe for traveling with a crack in the windshield. By making your way to workshop you are at even greater danger than was at the time of creation of this crack. Call our team for instant service to fix the crack. Crack repair is less expensive compared to the cost of changing it.


In case your windshield gets damaged by a rock-forming a chip or crack. Glass Genie is the right place to get fixed based on damage that your car’s glass has met with. Although the PVB layer prevents the shards from flying into your face and making sure it does not shatter in case of severe impact.

Windshield Chip Or Crack repair,windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
Safety Measures for damaged windshield,windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair

Safety Measures

Prevent the cracks from increasing and easily getting by simply following some easy steps:

  • Make sure to avoid going to those places where there are higher risks of dust and debris.
  • Don’t wash the damaged place or its surrounding area where the crack is present. It would let the washing chemicals in and the pressure of the water can also increase the size of crack.
  • Do not drive the vehicle with cracked windshield as it can be dangerous. It can breakdown and injure the driver without any warning.

We specialize in the safety of your vehicle. That is why we always check to find out the best quality for your vehicle. We give prompt attention and efficient service. Our workshop team identifies characteristics of the harm and guarantees your safety.

Once the windows of the vehicle breaks or cracks, it needs replacing since the safety of your own vehicle is in danger. The cost depends upon the type, tint and mechanism of windows in a vehicle. By contacting us you please tell us the part number or you can get a quick quote online.

About Glass Genie

We do quick repairs for your glass needs with the latest technologies to perform the fix to your vehicle. We serve in all parts of Dallas.

Our Services

  • Windshield Replacement & Repair
  • Windshield Crack & Chip Repair
  • Window Tinting & Sunroof Glass Replacement
  • RV Windshield Replacement & Repair
  • Quarter Panel Glass Replacement
  • Auto Glass Replacement & Repair
  • Back Glass Replacement & Repair
  • Power Window Motors Replacement & Repair
  • Back Glass Slider Replacemnt
  • Why Fix a Chip or Crack in your Windshield?


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Are you cringed when you heard the rock or road debris hit your windshield? Are you cringed when you noticed the crack spread across your otherwise clear view? Now, you are wondering, am I going to cringe when I see the bill?

The cost will vary based on the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the extent of the damage. However, not all repairs are cringe-worthy. A typical chip or star-pattern crack, is still smaller than a quarter, it is fixed which looks like new. Some insurance policies with also pay for these. If you have road hazard or breakage coverage without a deductible, meaning the repair will be free for you. Even if your insurance does not cover it, these are usually wallet-friendly and do stop further damage. So it is advisable to gets these chip or small crack is noticed, before it spreads.


Broken or cracked glass are common factors in accidents when they impair your vision. Also, a fractured or compromised windshield increases the extent of damages in the event of a collision. The weakening of the safety measures in place. If you think you need a new part. It is advisable to call our unit to discuss your option.

Replacement | Repair


Just as one essential component of vehicles. Glass makes a significant component of the body and gives us far more comfort than we are able to imagine. The manufacturing process has advanced further more increased in recent decade, making larger windshield and high resistance glass. Most of these constraints and regulations made glass manufacturers to innovate on new materials and manufacturing processes. It has been the subject to many changes and innovations not long ago. These all made the glass weight lighter and strengthen the quality.

The improvement had led to many types of glasses:

This is the most used type, which used in sunroofs as well as vents and quarter. The glass consist of two glass plates and in between a plastic sheet. This composition allows the glass to be stick to the plastic sheet in case of breakage. In case of accident the chips don’t fly out of the glass.

It is extremely hard form of glass, therefore it is secure from theft. While extraction people in case of emergency it might be harder to pull them out. It is the most resistant and safe glasses for motorist.

This glass is five times tougher as opposed to a normal glass, the resist during the production process. More precisely when it is direct for tempered glass. Then removed from the oven because of the air or perhaps a liquid bath, so-called “quenching”. This abrupt cooling allows it to solidify deeper than conventional glasses.

It is then more resistant and also less dangerous compared to other glasses. The entire process of rapid cooling allows it to break into full of small pieces. This particularity of tempered glass makes it an ideal glass for the automobile. In situations when of accident, the glass will not risk to injure the motorists.

Tempered glass is nowadays mainly placed upon the front and rear side windows as well as the rear windscreen of vehicles. It is often clear or tinted.

It is a transparent glass which becomes opaque thanks to a push button in the vehicle. This glass goes from transparency to opaque black by electric impulse, motorists protect themselves from the sun’s rays. Reducing the radiation and manage themselves the luminosity in the passenger compartment.

Only used on glazed roofs, side windows and rear windscreens, but not on windshields.

It is by now the most used glass in the United States in areas severely affected by high speed winds. This glass, recently tested on automobile, includes a structural interlayer welded between two layers of glass. Its resistance is blowing up or spraying salt with high power for 500 hours. It is particularly in boats due to the fact they have a very good resistance in difficult environments.

The glass made of plastic used as vents and sunroofs. It reduces the weight of your vehicle greatly. Coated with varnish to effectively give better visual properties. Plastic or rather plastic glass provides the flexibility for manufacturers to design for most of the parts of a car.

windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair


Glass Genie gave me step be step instruction in getting the right part for my car. The windshield had a small crack on it, which I did not bother to repair. Next day the crack was larger I immediately called Glass Genie for a solution.


Animator & Editor
When windshield of my first car only had chip damage to it. I contacted the car company and they told me to get it replaced. I researched on the internet and found small chips be fixed easily. Whenever I face problem regarding it, I contact glass genie.


Senior Java Developer
They did a great job on replacing my car’s windshield. Got my car back in 3 hrs. Staffs are professional and friendly. Would definitely go back in the future.


Civil Engineer
I was returning to home at night, when a crack appeared from nowhere. I contacted Glass Genie and they reached quickly and replaced the windshield in 2 hours.


They work swiftly and professionally with high quality materials. My whole window was broken and was hard finding replacement at other shops. A buddy of mine suggested contacting glass genie, luckily the part was available.


After living with a cracked windshield for a year, I am happy at the clarity with which I can now see the road ahead.  Glass Genie was able to service my car right away. They provided quality work with excellent customer service. I am very pleased with the service received and recommend others to try them as well.



Over a Decade of Service

If you need to change your car’s glass, we’ll undertake it. The service at Glass Genie is top-notch with high-quality skill. When it comes to safety of the passengers, it becomes our first priority. As soon as you call us, we are going to make sure your vehicle’s make, model and year of manufacture. This will make sure if we have all the mandatory parts for you and tools for the installing process.

Our service can stock majority parts for vehicles that includes truck and RV. We understands the value of your time. To save your time we arrange our trained representative to come to fix the problem.

Most of shops offer similar services. You cannot assume all of them to match up same quality, similar foundation and preparing, or even the same parts. That is the reason finding a low price Dallas TX which only serves specialized products. This product is best and suitable for your vehicle specifically.


Areas of Service

Dallas is one of the major cities in United States, with the increase in population over past years. Since the need of transportation has increased and is mainly by roads to travel in Dallas–Fort Worth metropolis, cars and trucks became more popular, major interstates were built in and around the city. The urban area extends to one-quarter of Texas so to travel to its neighborhoods day-to-day.

We provide Mobile Car Window Repair & Windshield Replacement services in the neighborhoods of Dallas that are as follows:

Baylor DistrictThe CedarsCivic Center District Dallas Arts DistrictDallas Farmers Market
Design District Main Street DistrictReunion DistrictRiverfront DistrictSouth Side
Thanksgiving Commercial CenterUptownVictory ParkWest End Historic District

Alger Park/Ash CreekBelmont Buckner TerraceCaruth TerraceCasa Linda EstatesCasa View
Casa View Haven ClaremontClaremont ParkEastwoodEdgemont Park
Forest HillsGaston ParkGreenland HillsHillridgeHollywood Heights
Junius HeightsLake Park EstatesLakewoodLakewood HeightsLakewood Trails
Little Forest HillsLochwoodLower GreenvilleNorth Stonewall TerraceOld Lake Highlands
Ridgewood ParkSanta MonicaStonewall TerraceUniversity MeadowsVickery Place
Wilshire HeightsBaylor/MeadowsBelmont ParkBryan PlaceDeep Ellum
Munger Place Historic DistrictPeak’s Suburban AdditionSwiss Avenue

Northeast Dallas
Abrams PlaceAlexander’s VillageBoundbrook Oaks EstatesChimney HillCopperfield Community
Country ForestForest HighlandsGlen OaksHamilton ParkHighlands West
Highland MeadowsHigh Oaks AdditionJackson MeadowL StreetsLake Highlands
Lake Highlands EstatesLake Highlands NorthLake Highlands SquareLake Ridge EstatesMerriman Park Estates
Merriman Park NorthMoss Farm Moss MeadowsNorthwood HeightsOak Highlands
Oak Tree VillagePebble CreekRichland Park EstatesRolling TrailsRoyal Highlands
Royal Highlands VillageStultz RoadTown CreekRoyal Lane VillageWalnut Creek Estates
Whispering HillsWhite Rock ValleyWoodbridgeWoodlands on the CreekUniversity Manor
University TerraceUrban Reserve

Bent TreeBluffviewDevonshireGreenway ParksNorth Park
Preston HollowShannon EstatesVickery MeadowsPreston HighlandsTimberglen
Far North DallasMelshire EstatesNorthwood HillsPlatinum CorridorPreston Center
KoreatownLove FieldStemmons CorridorArlington ParkDesign District
Asian Trade DistrictEagle FordGreenleaf VillageLa BajadaLa L’aceate
La LomaLake WestLedbetter GardensLos AltosMuncie
Western HeightsWesrtmoreland Heights

Arcadia ParkBeckley Club Estates Bishop Arts DistrictElmwoodStevens Park Estates
Stevens Park VillageWestern ParkWinnetka HeightsWynnewoodEast Kessler Park
Kessler HighlandsKessler Park EstatesKessler PlazaKessler SquareWest Kessler
Kidd SpringsKings Highway Conservation DistrictInternational CenterLake Cliff L.O. Daniel
CityplaceUptownTurtle Creek LoMacKnox Park
Perry HeightsState ThomasGlenn Oaks Oak LawnVictory Park
West VillageElderwoods/ElderoaksWynnewood Hills.

Arnold’s StationBuckner ParkCedar RunEl Barrio (Little Mexico) Elam
KlebergLake JuneParkdalePemberton HillPiedmont
Pleasanrt GrovePleasant HillsPleasant MoundRiverway Estates / Bruton TerraceRylie
ScyeneSeagoville / DallarsSpruce SquareUrbandaleWoodland Springs
BorntonDrixon CircleHighland HillsCedar CrestSkyline Heights
Exposition ParkFair ParkMill CityOwenwoodJubilee Park
Dolphin HeightsWheatley PlaceMonterey GardensEdgewoodSouth Boulevard / Park Row
Magnolia ParkAlta ParkFireside

windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair
windshield replacement dallas,cheap windshield replacement,mobile window repair cheap auto glass replacement auto window repair

Our Works

This is in fact, one of our most valuable service. You don’t have to sit at a dirty shop waiting for your turn! We come to you for all solutions and get you back on the road fast. Just call us and we will send one of our specialists to fix the problem on location.


Our service professionals will be at your place when you need us. We will come to your home, office, or any other place and assess the damage to your vehicle. Some repairs, like chip , can be done in minutes, while other may take more time. That’s why Glass Genie comes to you for repairs. So it becomes easy for you to stay at your home or office. While getting repaired or replaced, without the inconvenience of waiting at the shop. For Best offers and discounted prices on the services or near me contact us.


For most insurance companies, a windshield repair claim falls under the “no fault” category, and therefore can be repaired under your insurance without worrying about rate increases. Windshield damage in this “no fault” category is road hazard damage, acts of nature, and some others. Theft and vandalism are included under the “no fault” clauses of some insurance companies, but may indirectly lead to rate increases over time due to location risk algorithms (number of break-ins in a given neighborhood can cause insurance rates to rise).

Talk to your insurance company about the different options your policy offers. We can also help you file your claim with your insurance company if you prefer.

Stay where you are! We come to you. Glass Genie’s mobile replacement experts come to your location and can replace your broken window, whether it is from vandalism, a car break-in, or road debris. Stop driving around with that fancy trash bag over the window, let us replace your car window today!

Have you tried our quick windshield quote system? We get a quote to you fast for your specific vehicle, so you know exactly how much it will cost to replace your windshield before we come to you. We can even work with your insurance company to get the windshield replacement covered under your policy.

We travel to your location in and outside of Dallas and Fort Worth. We also work in Addison, Arlington, Denton, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Irving, Lewisville, McKinney, North Richland Hills, Plano, and surrounding areas. We come to your location and repair your auto glass!

When you spot a chip in your windshield, it is important to get chip repair asap so it does not “run” or turn into a line crack, which is what you are experiencing. Rest assured, the line you are describing can be repaired by one of our mobile glass technicians, but the sooner the better. If the crack is too deep or runs too far, it will be unable to be properly repaired and you will end up needing a replacement. Every change in the weather or vibration or bump in the road could send that crack across your whole windshield, so get it repaired fast! Use our quick quote system to find cost and appointment information, and we will send one of our trusted mobile repair specialists to your door!

Don’t let other glass companies tell you it cannot be repaired until you talk to us! Some glass companies don’t have advanced glass repair equipment, and can only repair up to the size of a quarter chip or crack on your windshield. Glass Genie’s specialists can repair chips and crack up to the size of a dollar bill! Let the experts come to you using our free mobile repair crews, but don’t delay!

The answer to the first question is, definitely not! In recent years, there has been a pop up industry of road-side windshield crack and chip repair. They even sell books on how you can make lots of money starting your own windshield crack repair business and make gobs of money. The truth is, these collapsible stands in parking lots and on the side of the road are similar to your holiday firework stands…here today, gone tomorrow. Customer satisfaction? If they drive off happy, they get paid. Do they even have a phone number to call if there is a problem? Chances are, they don’t, or you cannot find it to register a complaint if they do have a number.

Being flighty on follow-up customer service is not the worst aspect of roadside chip repair. It is the entire repair itself. Most of these companies tout their fast-drying adhesives, many of which do not fully cure before you drive away, which could hinder the performance of the adhesive long-term. They also use cost-cutting and time saving measures to perform the repairs – such as using inferior resin that may “sunburn” or turn a dingy pinkish-brown in a few weeks, or using resin without the proper pit filler which may start to separate out of the chip over the following weeks or months.

Why would they repair with such inferior products and no cost to you? While the common answer is that your insurance covers the repair, which is true in some cases, pop up windshield repair places have also been linked to several stolen identity cases in recent years. By giving your information to an untrustworthy source, you are opening your identity to be stolen. Be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Once a chip has been repaired improperly, it is hard to re-repair without further damage. The best idea is to get your windshield chip repaired the right way the first time, saving you money, time and headache, and leaving your chip as invisible as possible with the right repair techniques and products.


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