Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Window Tinting

Glass Genie also does window tinting in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! Remember, the auto glass specialists at Glass Genie also offer free mobile glass repairs and replacement, and we are extending this offer to all our window tinting products! Call us today for a free no obligation quote for your car window tinting, and get your windows tinted the affordable and professional way!

What types of window tinting are available?

There are many types, grades, shades, and colors of window tinting available today for any piece of glass on your vehicle. Window tint has advanced exponentially over the last decades to become not only more aesthetically coveted, but also refract heat and add to the security of the glass and car it is installed on.

Most window tints that are used commonly are installed for two purposes: to reflect heat from entering the vehicle or to dress up the look of your vehicle.

Reflecting heat: How window tinting can cool your car

Let’s face it, Dallas can get hot. I mean scorching hot. Add a closed up vehicle parked in the sun for a few hours, and we are talking super nova hot. Are you really going to put up sun shades across your dash every time you park, then remove them once you get in the car? Isn’t that a lot of work? Then, you have to keep the sun shades (which are ridiculous aluminum foil hat looking or have giant smiley faces from the ‘90s on them) in the back of your car, half tucked under the seat but in the way every time you have a passenger or pick up your dry cleaning.

Sure, if you want people to know you as the smiley-face car or the guy who takes 6 minutes to park because he has to reconfigure his windshield coverings, then keep using those sun shades. Or, if you have already refused to be that guy, but are still facing a scorching car every time you park for 5 minutes, then we have a solution for you. Window tinting.

Window Tinting in Dallas

No, you don’t have to be a thug to get window tinting. No, you won’t get a ticket for having tint on your windshield. Of course, there are illegal window tinting styles and there are places that install illegal window tinting. We aren’t those places. We install nice looking window tinting that will help lower the temperature of your car in the summer and will let you still see out the car window! Imagine that. Car window tinting does not have to be dark in order to keep heat out. The darkness is part of the “look” someone wanted for their vehicle. You can be an everyday person (maybe, you even have kids) and have your windows tinted by professional window tinters who will make your car look nice and even better than it did before you had tint on your windows.

How does window tinting work?

Car window tint is made from a thin colored film made of polyester fibers being pasted on a window’s glass surface to prevent sunlight and therefore heat from entering your car. Most window tinting uses dark colors such as black and brown to help block the sunlight from entering, though not all. Ceramic window tints are a modern technology that reduces ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering through the glass by as much as 80% blockage, without the use of dyes that cause the darker colors of most window tints. Ceramic tints cost about 25% more than the metallic tints that contain dyes.

Security films can also be places on vehicle glass surfaces which can withstand the impact of bombs and bullets. These security films are used by those in political office, military, and in positions of power which warrant such use. These security window films cost much more than traditional window films and serve a very specific purpose connected to the safety of the vehicle’s passengers.

Privacy tinting is not legal to install on vehicle windows. Privacy tinting effectively turns a piece of glass into an opaque surface from one side, leaving the other side translucent. This privacy tinting is much more common on buildings and home windows, as it allows for seeing out the window without outsiders looking in while also reflecting heat from entering the window.

Window Tinting Laws

Some vehicle window tinting can be too dark for safety, both for the driver of the vehicle but also for those around. Most jurisdictions and states have a VLT (visible light transmission) percent that tinting must allow. Most are around 70% vehicle light transmission, though some states, like Texas, still allow tints with 25% VLT. Even if your vehicle is registered in an area that allows darker tint, you can still get a ticket for driving in an area whose tinting laws are much stricter if they cite you for your tint darkness. Police officers can test your window tinting on the spot and see if it passes the allowable amount by law, and cite you if not. In Dallas and the rest of Texas, the VLT allowable tint is 25% visibility on front side windows and back side windows, while the back window allows for any amount of darkness. The front windshield must only be tinted within the top 5 inches of the windshield, or above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line.

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