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Auto Glass Prices

Auto Glass Prices

It is always easier and cheaper than a complete car window replacement. However sometimes we have no other choice. Replacing your car window could not be easier. Our technicians are well trained and certified to handle your vehicle with glass replacement or repair.

When you contact us, we will confirm your car make, model and year of manufacture. This allows us to ensure we have all the necessary glass and equipment. Our mobile service vans stock many replacement windscreens and auto glass to suit majority of vehicles. There is an opportunity to take them from the warehouse to the specified address.

Repair is Cheaper


The repair of auto glass has to be done as soon as possible before causing any damage to the glass. It is inexpensive option compared to replacing auto glass. Check whether the windshield can be repaired, because Car Window Repair Near Me is cheaper and quicker than replacement. This saves you time and money. Qualified technicians in with values to your measure and a fast and effective work.

In some cases the type, size and position of the damage means that the entire windshield has to be replaced. We ensure replacement for optically clear windshields at a highly competitive price. . For a fraction of the cost of replacing a windshield, we can simply repair stone chips and cracks to the same strength as the original glass.

Our expert technicians will always try to repair damaged glass whenever possible to save you both time and money but. In some cases, your vehicle glass will be beyond repair. Find out what happens if your windshield can’t be repaired and more about our glass replacement service.

We provide on-site or mobile repair service with convenient work hours, so you can rest assured that you can take advantage of our low rates and quality services at a time that is right for you when you request service from our company. Put our online tool to use today, and schedule the auto glass repair or replacement service that you need.

Windshield repair is convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly! It takes less time out of your day, compared to a windshield replacement appointment, and it is a cheaper solution. It also keeps your windshield in the vehicle, reducing the amount of glass that needs to be disposed of.

Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Best Windshield Replacement in Dallas

Replacing a windshield is expensive, but not to worry we provide you the best and less expensive part for your vehicle compared to other auto glass solutions. It’s simple we cut our overhead so our customers don’t have to. Still don’t believe us? Shop around and give us an opportunity to meet or beat our competitor’s price. You will not be disappointed.

You may not need windshield repair or auto glass replacement service often, but when you do, you want to rely on the pros at Glass Genie. Our professional technicians can provide you with quality results. When you want quality service fast with affordable rates you can count on Auto Glass.

We offer a free mobile service directly to you. That’s right! We come directly to you, so you don’t have to skip your schedule.

We highly knowledgeable and we strive to provide customers with complete peace of mind. Our company is environmentally friendly and dedicated to performing high-quality work. We have punctual and professional and committed staff to offering excellent customer service at all times.

If you have auto glass coverage, we’ll handle all the paperwork and work with your insurance provider to get your windshield replaced at no cost to you. We are approved to work with all insurance providers and make the process quick and painless. Call or click the button below to get started.

When you’re out on the road, unfortunate events can sometimes happen, such as debris hitting your windshield and cracking it. When you need auto glass repair, Glass Genie can step in and give you a helping hand. We have over 14 years of experience helping people like you with windshield repair.

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