For most insurance companies, a windshield repair claim falls under the “no fault” category, and therefore can be repaired under your insurance without worrying about rate increases. Windshield damage in this “no fault” category is road hazard damage, acts of nature, and some others. Theft and vandalism are included under the “no fault” clauses of some insurance companies, but may indirectly lead to rate increases over time due to location risk algorithms (number of break-ins in a given neighborhood can cause insurance rates to rise).

Talk to your insurance company about the different options your policy offers. We can also help you file your claim with your insurance company if you prefer.

Stay where you are! We come to you. Glass Genie’s mobile replacement experts come to your location and can replace your broken window, whether it is from vandalism, a car break-in, or road debris. Stop driving around with that fancy trash bag over the window, let us replace your car window today!

Have you tried our quick windshield quote system? We get a quote to you fast for your specific vehicle, so you know exactly how much it will cost to replace your windshield before we come to you. We can even work with your insurance company to get the windshield replacement covered under your policy.

We travel to your location in and outside of Dallas and Fort Worth. We also work in Addison, Arlington, Denton, Fort Worth, Frisco, Garland, Irving, Lewisville, McKinney, North Richland Hills, Plano, and surrounding areas. We come to your location and repair your auto glass!

When you spot a chip in your windshield, it is important to get chip repair asap so it does not “run” or turn into a line crack, which is what you are experiencing. Rest assured, the line you are describing can be repaired by one of our mobile glass technicians, but the sooner the better. If the crack is too deep or runs too far, it will be unable to be properly repaired and you will end up needing a replacement. Every change in the weather or vibration or bump in the road could send that crack across your whole windshield, so get it repaired fast! Use our quick quote system to find cost and appointment information, and we will send one of our trusted mobile repair specialists to your door!

Don’t let other glass companies tell you it cannot be repaired until you talk to us! Some glass companies don’t have advanced glass repair equipment, and can only repair up to the size of a quarter chip or crack on your windshield. Glass Genie’s specialists can repair chips and crack up to the size of a dollar bill! Let the experts come to you using our free mobile repair crews, but don’t delay!

The answer to the first question is, definitely not! In recent years, there has been a pop up industry of road-side windshield crack and chip repair. They even sell books on how you can make lots of money starting your own windshield crack repair business and make gobs of money. The truth is, these collapsible stands in parking lots and on the side of the road are similar to your holiday firework stands…here today, gone tomorrow. Customer satisfaction? If they drive off happy, they get paid. Do they even have a phone number to call if there is a problem? Chances are, they don’t, or you cannot find it to register a complaint if they do have a number.

Being flighty on follow-up customer service is not the worst aspect of roadside chip repair. It is the entire repair itself. Most of these companies tout their fast-drying adhesives, many of which do not fully cure before you drive away, which could hinder the performance of the adhesive long-term. They also use cost-cutting and time saving measures to perform the repairs – such as using inferior resin that may “sunburn” or turn a dingy pinkish-brown in a few weeks, or using resin without the proper pit filler which may start to separate out of the chip over the following weeks or months.

Why would they repair with such inferior products and no cost to you? While the common answer is that your insurance covers the repair, which is true in some cases, pop up windshield repair places have also been linked to several stolen identity cases in recent years. By giving your information to an untrustworthy source, you are opening your identity to be stolen. Be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true, they usually are.

Once a chip has been repaired improperly, it is hard to re-repair without further damage. The best idea is to get your windshield chip repaired the right way the first time, saving you money, time and headache, and leaving your chip as invisible as possible with the right repair techniques and products.

Yes. Most chips are only on the outside piece of glass and the structural integrity of the windshield has not been compromised. By repairing these chips as soon as you notice them, the repair keeps those small chips from spreading and turning into stars or cracks in your windshield, possibly needing full replacement.

Your car windshield is comprised on several layers of glass, held together by special resins. If a chip or crack spreads through every layer of your windshield, it must be replaced, as the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised. Your windshield does more than keep bugs off your face while you drive; it is an integral part of the structure of your vehicle and safety system. In the event of a crash, not only does your windshield stop flying debris from entering the passenger area of the vehicle, but it also helps to support the roof in the event of a vehicle rollover.

Windshields that do not do their job of absorbing crash energy and stopping debris can have fatal results. In fact, many fatality accidents could have been avoided if the windshield had held up and been a stronger safety utility. That is why, when replacing your windshield, Glass Genie experts strongly advise replacing with OEM windshields instead of aftermarket windshields. What you save in dollars could cost much more in the event of an accident, including lives. Read more about OEM windshields versus aftermarket windshields in our additional information section.

Many repairs are ready to drive in 1-2 hours, though some can take longer for the adhesives to cure. Full cure times can be several hours for some products. It is important to listen to your technician and follow the “safe drive” time for your specific vehicle. Driving your vehicle before the recommended time may cause the adhesive to not bond as well as possible, and if it is a glass replacement, it could even fall or fly off in very fast conditions.

Glass Genie uses its Mobile Repair Fleet to make your replacement as painless as possible. You pick where you want to be – the home, office, or elsewhere — and we come to you. So while you are waiting to drive your vehicle, you could be sleeping in your own bed overnight or busy at the office all day. We think it’s the best kind of waiting, the kind you don’t notice!

Replacing your windshield doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming! To find out how much it will cost for your specific vehicle, use our quick glass quote system. We’ll get a quote for your windshield replacement back to you fast, and can even schedule appointments same day that come to your home or office to complete the glass replacement.

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Yes! Our glass products are under warranty directly from the glass manufacturer. Most of the national and large regional glass manufacturers have comprehensive warranties that can be relied on if something goes wrong. We are a certified installer of many name brand windshields and auto glass parts. Glass Genie will also warranty our installation. We take pride in our work and want happy customers year after year. We are so confident our installs will stand the test of time, we guarantee it!

Glass Genie stands behind all of their glass installs with a satisfaction guaranteed promise that your windshield or new auto glass will work for you for years to come. That being said, we strongly recommend using OEM parts, or the recommended replacement glass for your vehicle. Aftermarket glass parts are usually thinner, their crash test ratings are much lower, and they do not pass all the tests that the OEM windshields and glass parts must pass in order to be deemed safe for your vehicle. Read more about aftermarket windshields.

What about a salvaged windshield?

Without being able to know what conditions the windshield has experienced, a salvaged windshield install could not be guaranteed under warranty.

Imagine you are driving down the road, minding your own business, when out of nowhere the large truck in front of you sends a rock right into your windshield. After gathering your wits, you notice a nice new crack in your once beautiful windshield. A number of words probably come to mind for the driver of the truck, but the fact remains that you will now need to repair or replace your windshield.

Replacing a windshield can be quite expensive. The cost can run somewhere between two to four hundred dollars or more for the average car. In addition, depending on where you go, the type of glass you have installed may not be the best glass for the price. Basically there are only two types of glass to choose from: the Original Equipment from the Manufacturer (OEM), or Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE), which is the aftermarket version.

What is OEM Auto Glass?

OEM glass is the same glass used by the original manufacturer of your vehicle. Many people go to the dealership where they bought their car to have work done due to warranty issues. Dealerships use OEM glass because the dealership is authorized by the manufacturer and can provide glass made specifically for your make and model of vehicle. This can be expensive, but it is essentially identical to the glass you originally bought when you bought the vehicle. OEM glass provides the same thickness, color, shape, size, and durability that the original glass in your car had.

What is OEE Auto Glass?

OEE glass is the aftermarket version of OEM glass. For all practical purposes, it is the functional equivalent to OEM, but at a much lower cost. Why? It’s called competition. Technology evolves at such a rapid pace. For example, it only took the marketplace a year or so to build a better and cheaper IBM PC (the OEM of PC’s). And how many of those companies are now household names? The principle is the same. Aftermarket glass is here to stay, and currently accounts for most auto glass sales today – with very few complaints.

Is OEM or OEE for me?

If you are looking for your windshield to look and appear exactly like it did before the accident, and you don’t care about the price, your best bet is OEM glass. However, if you’re like most of us, and you do care about the price, then use OEE; the aftermarket glass which is significantly cheaper, and as good, if not sometimes better than OEM.

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